Printable Monthly Chronological Bible Reading Plan

Are you looking for a fresh way to read your Bible this year? A chronological Bible reading plan is a great way to read the Bible that will give you a new perspective on the Bible as a whole.

Reading the Bible can be both a rewarding and a daunting task. There are so many things to know about the Bible, and it is hard to know where to start. That’s where a Bible reading plan can be extremely helpful.

Perhaps you’ve read the Bible, maybe even many times. But have you ever read it in chronological order? If you’re not sure what chronological order is, read on.

Read further for the 12-Month Chronological Bible Reading Plans printable!

12 monthly Chronological Bible Reading Plans pages

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What is a Chronological Bible Reading Plan?

A chronological Bible reading plan is a set of Scripture passages arranged in the order the events of Bible history occurred.

A chronological Bible reading plan is different from a cover-to-cover Bible book reading plan, in that it does not focus on reading through the entire Bible in book order from Genesis through Revelation. Rather, it follows the chronology of events throughout all of Scripture and allows the reader to read through the Bible following the timeline of Bible history.

In such a plan you would sometimes be reading from several different books of the Bible in one day in order to read all that the Bible records about a particular event.

Why is the Bible Not in Chronological Order?

The books of the Bible are somewhat in order chronologically. The books of the Old Testament contain the record of events before Christ came to earth. The New Testament contains the record of Jesus’ earthly life and ministry, His church, and His second coming.

But the books are not in order as far as when they were written or, in many cases, in order of events. Since many writers record some of the same events in their respective books, it would be impossible to arrange the Bible in chronological order without splitting up the books of the Bible.

Why use a Chronological Bible Reading Plan?

The Bible presents some historical narratives that are difficult to understand unless they are read in chronological order. It would be like watching “Jurassic Park” out of sequence-you’d likely have no idea what the movie was about, or why there were dinosaurs walking around in modern times!

Similarly, reading the New Testament before the Old Testament would leave many gaps in our understanding of Christ’s atonement for our sin and why it was necessary. Many of the New Testament references to the Old Testament would be lost on us, as well. We’d have no frame of reference to understand how they fit with, and explained, the New Testament passage.

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But further, since many writers give an account of the same events, it is helpful to read all the accounts of the one event at one time to gain all there is to know about the event.

This is especially helpful, for example, in learning about the life and teachings of Christ in the four gospels. A chronological Bible reading plan will harmonize the gospels for you, allowing you to read the account of Christ’s birth in each gospel, before having you go on to read in all the gospels about the next event in Jesus’ childhood, etc.

Also, knowing which prophet lived during the reigns of each of Israel’s kings can be beneficial to our understanding of the books of the major and minor prophets. And how they fit together with the whole of the Old Testament account.


How to Use the Chronological Bible Reading Plan

I am so excited to offer this monthly printable chronological Bible reading plan! It will help you understand the “big picture” of the Bible in a way that reading it straight through cannot!

Print out the reading plans and keep them in a notebook. Checkboxes will help you keep track of your reading. This is especially helpful when reading passages from different places in the Bible instead of reading in book order.

To use the plan, simply click the button below to download. You will recieve all 12 monthly plans in a single pdf.

12 pages Printable Monthly Chronological Bible Reading Plan

1 Year Chronological Bible Reading Plans and More!

Are you ready for more? Would you like to take your monthly Bible reading plans to the next level? It is great to have a checklist of Scriptures to read each month. But you’ll get so much more out of it when you can truly meditate and think about each verse and what it means, and how it can apply to your own life.

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More Monthly Bible Reading Plans

Looking for some additional monthly Bible reading plans for your quiet time? Not a problem! Here are a few monthly topical scripture reading plans from which to choose. And they are all printable!

I pray that these monthly Bible reading plans will truly help you dive deeper into God’s Word so you can learn more about Him and walk in closer fellowship with Him!

Drawing nigh to Him,



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    1. Hi, Tari!
      Not sure if mine follows exactly, but it makes sense that there would be slight differences of opinion with chronological reading plans as we don’t have exact dates for everything in scripture.
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  2. Hi Teresa ,
    Thank you very much for all this wonderfull study and for 12 walking with God and the 1 year chronological bible reading plan. God bless you ♡♡♡♡

  3. Thank you so much! I homeschool my teenage son and we are doing Bible study. These will be so much help.