Walking With God Bible Study Journal

Do you long for a closer walk with your Lord and Saviour? I do, too. Growing in knowledge of God’s Word and what pleases Him allows us to walk with Him in surrender and obedience. And enjoy that “knowing” that He is very near.

This Bible study journal is designed to help us grow in faith and understanding of God and His will for us, so that we might walk in closer fellowship with Him.

One of my prayers is that God would “hide me under the shadow of His wings.” I want to feel close to Him. And be assured that He hears my prayers and will answer me as we walk this life together. I want that for you, too.

Walking With God Bible Reading Plan bundle worksheets color pages binder tabs

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Walking with God Bible Study Journal Bundle

While the Bible reading plans are Free (download below), we are also offering this Walking With God Bible Study Journal Bundle for those who want more.

This feature-packed Bible reading plan bundle will encourage you to slow down in your quiet time with God as you meditate on each day’s reading and record what you H.E.A.R. from God each day.

This bundle includes—

  • 2 Cover options
  • 12 Bible reading plans
  • Instructions for using the Study Worksheets
  • 24 Journal worksheets, 2 for each monthly topic, using LDN’s H.E.A.R. study method
  • An in-depth Verse Study worksheet in 2 colors
  • LDN’s color coding guide
  • My Notes page in 3 colors
  • 2 sets of blank Verse Cards
  • Binder tabs
  • 3 Bible verse Color Pages

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More About What’s Included

Walking With God Bible Reading Bundle reading plans yellow background

These 12 reading plans are not assigned to a certain month, so you can use them any way you choose! You could stick to one plan for a whole month, or you might like to read from several plans in a month. The check boxes will help you keep track of all you’ve read.

You have a choice of 2 Cover Pages! Detailed instructions are included to show you how to use this journal and the study sheets. If you’d like, there is also a coloring guide for marking your Bible. I’ve included the one I use, as well as, a blank one for you to customize in the way that makes sense to you.

Daily H.E.A.R. worksheets for Walking with God Bible Study Journal

There are 24 daily journal sheets, 2 for each monthly topic. These worksheets use Ladies Drawing Nigh’s signature H.E.A.R. method for studying and recording what you hear from God as you read and study each day. You decide which form design you want to use each month.

For those who would like to go still deeper in their study, or just would like variety in their study, I’ve included a Verse Study worksheet in 2 colors, blush pink and ice blue. For notetaking there are also Notes pages in 3 different colors, blush pink, yellow, and ice blue.

Walking with God Bible Study Journal Study Sheets Notes and Verse Sheets

12 Verse Cards provide a space to write out your favorite verses from each month’s reading.

With these binder tabs, you’ll be able to make a beautiful binder for your Walking With God Bible Study Journal. The tabs will help you organize your journal by topic. The cover for your journal is with the color guide above.

Walking With God Bible Study Journal Bundle binder tabs yellow background

Spend some quiet relaxing moments enjoying these 3 beautiful Color Pages. Meditate on the powerful verses included on each as you color!

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Walking With God Bible Study Bundle worksheets

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