Through Open Doors – Unlocking the Mystery of Soul Winning

Learn how to share the gospel effectively with this empowering

4-Week Bible Study.

What’s needed?

Soul winning had long been a mystery to me.  How did missionaries and pastors and others I heard about become soul winners?  How did they even know what to say?  What would I say if someone asked me how to be saved? 

Would you know what to say? 

Many are just like I was, feeling that soul winning is hard, mysterious, and for anyone else but me.  However, over the years the Lord has taught me that anyone can be a soul winner, even me.  Even you!

All we need is faith…and a plan!  

By the end of this study you will have a confident faith that will allow you to walk through those open doors of opportunity to share Jesus with others.  And a detailed plan of what to say in those most precious moments.  Join me as we dive into unlocking the mystery of soul winning!

Through Open Doors Bible Study Bundle printables bookmarks verse prints

Through Open Doors – What’s inside?

This 140-page book is filled with the lessons God has taught me over the past 25 years of soul-winning efforts. Several soul-winning promises are included to encourage you to keep going, trying, and learning to be the soul-winner God wills for you to be. My plan for sharing the gospel is presented in both outline and conversation form.

You’ll be able to read my soul-winning plan as an entire conversation! And are invited to photocopy my plan outline to take with you and use!

The step-by-step workbook style allows you to take my plan and modify it to make it yours. Or, you may simply use mine as it is.

To help in those moments when a soul-winning opportunity doesn’t seem to be going as planned, I’ve also included answers to some of the common objections to the gospel, as well as, suggestions for keeping the conversation on track.

The 20 chapters in this book are designed for you to read and work through one chapter a day, 5 days a week, making this a 4-week study.

This is a book and workbook combined in one. It can be simply read as a book. But, of course, you will learn more as you apply the teaching in each chapter, using the provided worksheets and completing the daily tasks.

Through Open Doors book lying on glass metal table backpack

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Still wondering if this study is for you?

If you are still reading this study description, then you must be like I was…desiring to follow Christ’s command to go and tell, but not sure how that’s done.  Well, let me just encourage you right here by telling you—You CAN learn!  Anyone can!  Why?  Because you have the best teacher…ever! 

All you need is a compassion for souls and the desire to learn.  And God will teach you!

How do I know this?  Because it was God who taught me!

If you want souls to be in Heaven because of you…because you lived and let God work through your life…then rejoice!  Because you are right where God wants you to be for Him to teach you how to find and walk through the open doors of soul-winning opportunities that He has for you. 

I pray that you find in the pages of this book not only the answer to the mysterious How-to, but also the increased faith, and therefore, courage, needed to become the soul winner God intends for you to be.

Want more? These are for you!

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  • A pdf download of the study to take with you anywhere – great for printing out extra worksheets!
  • 7 Soul-winning Promises scripture cards to keep you encouraged and fruitful
  • 2 Scripture bookmarks to mark your place as you read
  • The Gospel Message bookmark in 3 colors to use as a quick reference or to share with others
  • 2 Scripture verses wall art to print and display as daily reminders

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Have a Question?

Through Open Doors is a book and workbook combination. It can be read straight through as a book. But for most of us writing is also necessary for us to learn. Worksheets are provided throughout for you to develop your own plan for sharing the gospel message. You are also invited to photo copy, or print out, my gospel plan summary page to use, if you’d like.

The book is designed for you to complete one chapter per day in about 20-30 minutes. Some chapters you may find you want to spend a little more time for practicing what you’ve learned. Depending on how fast you read, the book can be read straight through in about 2 to 3 hours.

This book was written primarily with women in mind…of all ages. But would be helpful for men of all ages, as well.

You would purchase the paperback book through Amazon and the Digital Bundles through Gumroad.

The book is 8×10 inches and 140 pages. The cover is color; the interior is black and white. There are pictures and worksheets throughout. You can see the chapter titles on Amazon in the Look Inside the Book feature.

This study is great for both individual study and for small groups! Contact me for small group pricing.

You will receive an email with the pdf containing the link to the downloads included in the bundle you purchased.

I recommend downloading your pdf resources to your computer as soon as possible, so that you have them forever! You can access the downloads as often as you like, but please do not share them, as they are copyrighted. (There is an exception given in the text of the book.)

The Digital Study Bundle and Deluxe Digital Bundle are great for allowing you to print as many copies of the worksheets as needed. Please do not share them, as they are copyrighted.

If your paperback book arrives damaged, you can request a replacement or a refund through Amazon. No refund is offered for bundle downloads as they are digital products.