Bible Study Resources

We today are incredibly blessed to have such a variety of Bible study resources at our disposal. The Bible has the answers to every question that arises as we strive to live this life well. But sometimes we find that we need a little help knowing how to find them.

Here are a few of my favorite study resources that I hope you will find helpful as you seek the Lord and His will in His Word!

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Study Bibles

I was recently asked what study Bible I recommend. Well, this is it—The Life Application Study Bible! The large print allows for comfortable reading. This Bible is also loaded with extras, such as maps, charts, statistics, timelines, Book summaries and outlines, theme outlines, an extensive dictionary, and thousands of life-application notes! This is a great Bible for anyone seeking to learn more of God’s Word and “grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.” (2 Peter 3:18)

Online Bible Study Resources

Bible study websites and apps provide an immense variety of Bible study resources such as commentaries, maps, dictionaries, devotionals, and so much more. The search function on these sites makes Bible study a breeze compared to when we used to have to use a concordance to find anything! And most are free!

My current favorite is the eSword app. This excellent downloadable Bible study program offers many more Bible commentaries and other resources for free than other apps I’ve checked into. And is very user friendly!

Bible Study Tools

Writing and coloring in my Bible not only appeals to my love of color, but makes studying and remembering the truth God reveals a little easier. It is such a blessing to look up a reference and read again how God had spoken to me from that passage in the past. Marking my Bible helps me see truths that I might otherwise have skimmed over.

  • Of all my Bible coloring tools, I use Pigma Micron Pens the most. I really enjoy the smooth, skip-free lettering I see with these pens every time I use them! The ink won’t smear or fade. But most importantly, won’t bleed through your Bible pages! The colors are great for marking or note-taking in your Bible according to your color coding system. These are a must investment for any method of Bible study!
  • Gel highlighters are a good choice in that they glide smoothly over any page without smearing other inks already there. And, the color won’t bleed through your thin Bible pages! I also love the vibrant colors of these gel highlighters and know that you will, too!
  • But lately I find myself using Crayola Twistables Colored Pencils more than highlighers. I love using these to mark my Bible and to color the Bible verse color pages in my study Journals! They never need to be sharpened! Simply twist up to advance the color core for coloring. When not using, twist down to protect the color core. There are 12 beautiful colors from which to choose. So, have fun with these!  

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Bible Reading Plans

These resources either are reading plans only or are study bundles with Bible reading plans included.

FREE Bible Study Printables

Our mission here at LDN is to offer free Bible studies to women everywhere. And to help women learn to study God’s Word for themselves. In order to do that we also offer many study resources for free, such as our Bible study printables.

One of our goals here at LDN is to read and study through the Bible cover to cover.  To help you keep track, here is My Bible Reading Checklist! Mark off the chapters and books as you finish each one.

Free Printables (Instant Downloads)

Find more here >> Free Bible Study Printables and Resources

More Study Resources

For still more study resources, you’ll want to check these out.

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Also available are our Ladies Drawing Nigh H.E.A.R. Bible Study Journals in paperback or printable download format!