Are you ready to start praying with power?

With this FREE Praying With Power Bundle you will learn what God looks for in our prayers, what kinds of prayers He honors, and what kinds of things we can ask Him for. Gain understanding to pray with confident faith. And watch God work in your life in answer to your prayers!

The Lord wants to fellowship with us in prayer.  And He ever desires to bless us!  But many times He is simply waiting to hear from us…the kind of prayers He can act on!

Not sure how to pray prayers that will produce miraculous results in your life and the lives of those you care for deeply?

Then you will want to read this eBook…

3 Things God Looks For When We Pray!

And get ready to learn to pray God-honoring, powerful prayers that “avail much” with God! 

Included in this Praying With Power Bundle you’ll receive:

  • The eBook3 Things God Looks For When We Pray
  • Prayer Requests journal form printable
  • God’s Prayer Promises to You printable
Praying with Power optin worksheets

 God gave us such a powerful gift when He allowed us the privilege of speaking to Him in prayer.

For prayer changes things with God! 

…when we pray in the way He would have us to.


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