The Book of Leviticus may at first seem irrelevant to the life of a Christian.  With all of its laws regarding sacrifice, diet, and social behavior, it isn’t the book most of us would pick to study.

But even though Leviticus is not an easy read, we must not skip over any of God’s Word.  For every word of it is given to us and is profitable for us.  And while it is true that the ceremonial laws under the Old Testament no longer apply, the moral laws do.

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What we as New Testament believers should take away from our study of this book is the devastating seriousness of man’s sin and the need for blood atonement to cover our sin.  The sacrificial system provided that atonement for Israel.  And pointed to Jesus…whose death on the cross would later fulfill the law.  Jesus was the final sacrifice for sin, once for all.

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This online Bible Study divides the Book of Leviticus into short reading assignments 5 days a week for 5 weeks, making it possible to slow down and really listen for what God has for you each day. Here at Ladies Drawing Nigh we’re more concerned with hearing God than just getting through the book.

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Topics Covered in our 5-Week Study of Leviticus

In your study of Leviticus you will learn just how much your Saviour loves you and desires for you to know Him and walk in obedient fellowship with Him!

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