30 Days Prayer Challenge (and Free Printables)

Prayer is one of the greatest privileges God has given us. It is how we connect with the God of all the universe! It’s how we find peace in the midst of the chaos of this world. And how we maintain a close fellowship with our Father God.

But sometimes I find myself at a loss when it comes to my prayer life. I get into a rut of praying the same things each day. And while that is fine to a point, it is needful for our spiritual growth to grow also in the spiritual discipline of prayer.

If you are struggling in knowing how to pray more effectively or in knowing what to pray and ask God for, then this 30 Days Prayer Challenge is just what you need to recharge your prayer life!

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What Is A 30 Days Prayer Challenge?

Challenges are a great way to jump start our efforts toward reaching a goal. They help us focus our energy on making a certain needed change. They help us break out of old habits to form better ones.

What is a 30 Days Prayer Challenge? It is a way to challenge yourself to be more intentional with your prayer time for 30 days. While you may already be a praying believer, when you challenge yourself, you’ll be able to focus your prayers in a way that brings a closer fellowship with your Saviour!

A 30 Days Prayer Challenge is a framework or strategy for prayer. It shows you new ways to pray and new needs to pray for that you may not have thought of, or else, may have forgotten to pray for in a while.

And once you’ve completed the 30 days, you will likely continue your new prayer strategy to enjoy a more consistently vibrant prayer life than you’d had before!

How Does A 30 Day Prayer Challenge Work?

You may be wondering how this works. Well, each day for a whole month, you will be given a particular prayer request, or prayer prompt, to focus on in your time with God. These may be things you already include in your daily prayers, but I would imagine some are things you may not already be praying about on a daily basis.

I would further challenge you each day to not forget about the previous days’ prompts. But each day add the current day’s prayer need to all the previous ones. So that, throughout the month, your prayer time grows!


30 Days Prayer Challenge

If you are ready for a prayer time refresh, then a 30 days prayer challenge is just the thing for you! Challenge yourself to be intentional about your time with God. Spend time focusing your heart and thoughts on these prayer needs for yourself, your family, your church, your country, and so much more.

Prayer is powerful, and makes a difference!

And I know that this is not profound, but prayer won’t make that difference…unless we pray! In fact, God tells us…

Ye lust, and have not: ye kill, and desire to have, and cannot obtain: ye fight and war, yet ye have not, because ye ask not.

James 4:2

We must ask!

A Prayer Challenge will help you with ideas of who and what to pray, or ask God, for.

30 Days Prayer Challenge Prompts

The best way to start a 30 days prayer challenge journey is to have a list of prayer prompts to focus on for each day of the month. You don’t have to start on the first day of the month. You can start your challenge any day of the month and just continue on for 30 days.

On the day you choose to begin, note the prayer prompt for that day and spend a few minutes talking with God about that need. Here is a list of needs included in the 30 Days Prayer Challenge you can download below.

  1. your current or future husband
  2. your children
  3. your parents
  4. your pastor and his family
  5. your church family
  6. a missionary family
  7. lost souls to know Christ
  8. government leaders
  9. a financial need
  10. job, career, coworkers, those who need a job
  11. first responders, police, fire fighters
  12. widows, orphans, children in foster care
  13. victims of natural disaster
  14. the peace of Israel
  15. a friend in need
  16. God’s purpose for your life
  17. spiritual growth
  18. goals this month
  19. someone who has hurt you
  20. an important decision
  21. contentment
  22. forgiveness, strength to fight temptation
  23. something you fear facing
  24. victims of crime, and also those in prison
  25. opportunity and boldness to serve
  26. victory in a certain area
  27. a miracle you need
  28. spiritual wisdom
  29. a fully surrendered heart
  30. military leaders and their families
  31. persecuted church around the world
  32. something you need to trust God with
  33. fruits of the Spirit to be evident in your life
  34. greater love for God
  35. homeless, poor, and hungry

Why 35 prompts? I’ve included a full calendar of prompts so that no matter what day the current month begins or ends on, each day will include a prompt. Therefore, I’ve actually given you 35 prayer prompts.

For more help deepening your prayer life, you’ll want to be sure to check out all these powerful Prayer Resources!

30 Days Prayer Challenge Free Printable

To help you keep track of all of these prayer prompts, I’ve created a 30 Days Prayer Challenge pdf. Grab your free printable calendar (shown below) and get started today! Print it out, and use it as a reminder of all the ways God wants to work in your life and in the lives of others around the world!

Click the image to download.

30 Days Bible Prayers Reading Plan Free Printable

Another great resource to help you with a prayer time refresh is our 30 Days Bible Prayers Reading Plan. Read how people in the Bible, people just like you and me, talked to God and what they asked Him to do for themselves and for others.

Your faith in the power of prayer and the love of God for His children will surely grow stronger as you look into the Word of God and follow this Bible Prayers reading plan!

Click the image to download.

30 Days Prayer Challenge Journal

If you are looking for more in the way of prayer resources, you will enjoy our 30 Days Prayer Challenge Journal that I have titled – Under the Shadow of His Wings Prayer Journal.

I love the verse this title is taken from. And the imagery it evokes of my Father hiding me close to His side sheltered beneath His almighty arms!

I pray this verse often.

Keep me as the apple of the eye, hide me under the shadow of thy wings,

Psalms 17:8

Under the Shadow of His Wings Prayer Journal

This 62-page journal includes the free resources above and so much more! There are 35 journal pages that go with the Prayer Calendar. These daily journal pages include the day’s prayer prompt with further explanation, an applicable Bible verse, and space to record your prayer or notes for the day. There is also a blank prayer calendar you can print to create your own customized calendar of prayer prompts.

You can check out the many other features of this journal in our SHOP.

I pray that this 30 Days Prayer Challenge will encourage and help you to broaden your prayer life to include needs of others you may not already have thought to pray about.

And that you will experience a more vibrant and meaningful time with the Lord as you pray with greater purpose!

Drawing nigh to Him,



I’d love to hear what other prayer prompts you would add to my list! Comment below, and let us know what else you are including in your prayer time with God!

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  1. I have a niece 20 years old in a federal pen for 8 years that a crime that she’s did do and I pray to the Lord that he will keep her. I need prayer on budgeting my money and use it wisely